HK Krušik a.d.

In the armament world, Krusik has been a symbol of reputation, knowledge, quality and trust for more than 80 years. Serbian wisdom and modern world technologies have always been united in it. It is the most complex factory of the defense industry in Serbia and represents the engine of development of Valjevo and the entire region. In the vision of our defense industry, Krusik is recognized as a key factory which will, in addition to classic mortar and artillery- rocket program for which it is known worldwide, manufacture new modern guided rocket means of various types, which will guarantee a significant leap from current competition and which will put it on the list of few world manufacturers of these items.

Arms and Military equipment Fair

HK Krušik a.d. is a regular participant in Arms and Military Equipment Fairs in the country and abroad


Vladike Nikolaja 59

14000 Valjevo

+381 14 221 121




JBKS 83945



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